🏅Rarity Score

Each MFT is composed by attributes, that can occur with different probabilities, and so these attributes affect the rarity of the MFT (with the exception of the 20 legendary MFTs, that are entirely hand drawn one by one, using only unique attributes).

Each MFT has 3 rarity parameters: a tier, a rarity score and a rank.


The tier is the most influential parameter on the rarity, and each tier gives different benefits and rewards, proportionals to its rarity.

The three tiers are:

  • Common: Belong to this tier 75% of all MFTs. It is the least rare tier, and the MFTs that belong to this tier are female and male MiFuTos (they are composed by only female or only male attributes).

  • Rare: Belong to this tier 25% of all MFTs. The MiFuTos that belong to this tier are gender fluid (they are composed by half female and half male attributes). In addition, are rare also 10 special female and male MFTs that have the bonus attribute "Coordinated attributes and outfit": Attribute values are enumerated, and the MFTs that have this bonus attribute are 10 MFTs that are composed only by "ones" attributes, all "twos" attributes, and so on, resulting in a coordinated style of the attributes.

  • Legendary: Belong to this tier 0.2% of all MFTs (there are only 20 legendaries in 10000 MFTs). It is by far the rarest tier, and the and the MFTs that belong to this tier are entirely hand drawn one by one, using only unique attributes dedicated to them.

Rarity score:

The rarity score of a MFT is the sum of the scores of the single attributes that compose it, multiplied by a factor specific for each tier.

The rarity score of the single attributes is inverse to the probability to find each of these attributes:

The first step is to identify the attributes that compose an MFT, and retrieve their rarity scores (on the page https://mifuto.com/rarity.php there is the full list of attributes, with their percentages and rarity scores).

Then the second step is to sum the rarity scores of the single attributes.

Then the sum calculated must be multiplied by the tier multiplier (x1 for Commons, x4 for Rares, x500 for Legendaries. These multipliers are proportional to the rarity of the corresponding tiers). The value obtained is the rarity score of that MFT.


All the rarity scores of the MFT are put in a sorted list, from the most rare to the least rare. The rank is the position in this ranking list. For example, the MFT with highest rarity score has rank 1°, the one with lowest rarity score has rank 10000°, the one in 1234th position, is the 1234th-rarest MFT.

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