Short MiFuTo Manifesto by ElMedioCrew

The MiFuTo project, an acronym for Middle Fucking Token, best describes our visual project related to the Middle Finger! It plays on the very concept of NFT , but using the M instead of the Nwe want to recall the word middle, middle Finger in this case, and we don't want with the N to affix a NOT negation. The middle finger is our fuck off, not gratuitous, it is a protest fuck off through a gesture of protest, which finds its artistic outlet in illustrations.

Our middle finger is directed generally at those who discriminate or deny freedom, the middle finger is Criticism Stimulus and Protest at the same time.

Artistic protest through the middle finger goes well with everything that today is part of the concept of denial of freedom, everything that today is discrimination, everything that creates differences, everything that raises barriers, everything that does not make sense.

To all this we answer with an Artistic Fuck you!


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