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Mint reflection - Cashback

To reward all the minters we provide a cashback for every minted NFT. The cashback starts from 0.08 AVAX for the first minted tokens, and it decreases slowly and linearly to 0.02 AVAX for the last minted NFT. The average cashback for each token is 0.05 AVAX (that is also the cashback received from the 5000th minted NFT, exactly in the middle).

To provide these cashbacks, the total cashback pool is 500 AVAX.

Chart of the cashback amounts for every minted NFT:

The minters can see and claim their cashback from the "Claim minting cashback" section in the Wallet page.

The cashbacks are provided from an auxiliary smart contract that we will keep synchronized with the NFT owners in the main ERC721 NFT smart contract.

To keep the gas costs low for the minters that want to claim their cashbacks, the synchronization between the two smart contracts is executed periodically by us, so we will provide the gas needed to this operation.

The synchronization is executed periodically in batches, and after each of these batches, all the owners that have minted a token before that batch can claim their cashback.

To minimize the waiting time for the owners to claim their cashback, we plan to execute the synchronization task very often in the first hours (at least once every 5-10 minutes), then once every hour for the first day, and then once a day (or more often as needed). This waiting time is described to the NFT owners in the "Claim minting cashback" section of the page "Wallet".

To be counted for the reward, the minter must be the owner of the token (so without selling or transferring it) until the nearest batch synchronization. He must wait to see his cashback correctly reported in the "Claim minting cashback" section of the page "Wallet".

After he sees the cashback in his balance, he is free to sell or transfer the token, keeping the cashback in his balance and claim it later. This condition is intended also to incentivize holding of our NFT also benefiting from future initiatives, and make the claim even for small amounts without reducing the reward due to fees.

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