💲Tokenomics $MFT

Good to know: $MFT token TGE is planned for Q4/2021 - January 2022, token Airdrop for MFT holders will be vested with monthly claimable amount (at TGE).

Token development will start after 75% NFT mint completion, for more info check Roadmap

Beyond NFT $MFT C-CHAIN ERC-20 Token

MiFuTo Project does more than just providing 10k unique art works.

At the same time, it offers 720.000.000 $MFT Tokens (like maximum supply of AVAX) to their owners and the market, this token can be used for for different purposes and thanks to the DAO system, the holders will decide for which purpose to allocate the funds.

Tokenomics details


Our tokenomics is created to attribute an important value of MFT tokens to those who have believed in our project from the beginning, making the mint of our MFT collection. For this reason we have decided to allocate an important share of our token to them.

Token will be vested for 3 months with linear release, every month you can withdraw them from your wallet.

Staking, Liquidity Mining, Incentives (DAO)

This allocation is reserved for incentives for staking and for the provision of liquidity on DEX. They are funds dedicated to the control of the DAO and will be used only after votes carried out within the DAO system.

For this informations about DAO, please check this page.

AVAX Partnership Airdrop

Since the birth of the MiFuTo project we have thought that collaborating for the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem is the main mission to spread the use of this blockchain. We therefore decided to allocate a share of the tokens to projects that support the AVAX ecosystem.

Many of the projects involved will be the same ones that supported us during the minting phase of our collection.

Marketing campaign

We have planned the launch of a marketing campaign that involves the promotion of the MiFuTo brand and its associated token.

To take care of the launch we will contact an agency specialized in Search Engine Marketing & crypto Influencers. The goal is to bring qualified users to participate in our DAO, join liquidity mining programs and


10% of the funds will be allocated to the team for the development of new dapps to be used in the ecosystem, implementation of new features for the DAO and maintenance of the MiFuTo platform

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