MFT Metrics & Technical info

Unique NFT collection, designed by ElMedio crew, with $MFT Ecosystem and Marketplace.
Built on Avalanche with c-chain support.

Collection info:

  • Only 10k MFT availble at launch
  • All the hallmarks have been hand-drawn by our crew
  • To avoid whale, we've set the maximum purchase of MFT equal to 20 units
  • Fair mint price, our art must be accessible
  • 3 Tier Attributes, you can view benefits here.
  • Rarity score & rank
  • Mint reflection guaranteed
  • MFT holder will be able to receive 80% of the fee rewards coming from the MiFuTo marketplace
  • MFT holder can claim $MFT token and join in MiFuTo Ecosystem
On this page you will find the incentives we have made available for the mint of our NFT collection.