General Info

Unique NFT collection, designed by ElMedio crew, with $MFT Ecosystem and Marketplace. Built on Avalanche.
The MiFuTo project plays on the concept of NFT (Not Fungible Token), but using the M instead of the N we want to recall the word middle, middle Finger in this case, and we don't want with the N to affix a NOT negation.
The middle finger is our fuck off, not gratuitous, it is a protest fuck off through a gesture of protest, which finds its artistic outlet in illustrations.

Owning your MFT you can:

  • Receive Marketplace rewards from MiFuTo secondary market
  • Be eligible to Ecosystem Token Airdrop $MFT
  • Receive partnership benefit on Avalanche Ecosystem
  • Own an unique NFT designed by an artistic crew - ElMedioCrew
  • Join in MiFuTo Ecosystem, DAO and and future initiatives
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